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India Network Customer Survey Results
  Customer Survey Results

Customer Survey  

India Network recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Randomly selected members were invited to participate by completing a short questionnaire sharing their experiences. We wish to thank participants for their contributions to improve our program.

We asked our members to write TOP 3 reasons for using India Network Health Insurance for their visitors. Unedited comments from our members are below:

India Network Customer Survey - Top Reasons for Selecting India Network Health Insurance, USA

Top Reasons: #1 Reason

Top Reasons: #2 Reason

Top Reasons: #3 Reason

health coverage for parents

Medical insurance family members who visit from India

Medical insurance family members who visit from India

Medical insurance family members who visit from India

Easy of obtaining the insurance

Ease of purchasing and renewing the policy along with coverage

Insurance for visiting family members

Liked the service got before

Reputation of India Network for their quality products and services

First time, wanted to support the india network

Freedom to Choose any physician or hospital for care

Insurance plan

Heard thru friends

pre-existing coverage rider


friends referral

Stay updated wit the news and community.

Ease of application

coverage for parents


feedback from friends

Low Premiums

recommended by a friend

Your customer support. Calling back is good.

for my parent's visitor insurance needs

Travel Insurance

Friends referal

India digest and Immigration digest through listserv.

simple application process

Recommended by friends

it was the only one initially

Comparable rates with a lot of other insurance providers

It was convenient in US to do it over the phone/web

health insurance

Online registration is simple and hassel free

Referal from friend

I didnt do enough research

seemed legitimate

Very good service and reputation

travellers' insurance for visitnig family members

Good customer service

AIG is a well know Insurance company

pre-existing condition coverage

I am happy with AIG coverage and K. V.Rao is very friendly.

Hope of a good chance that expectations will be met

low premiums

Name India behind all this..

Ease of application

Need for insurance for visitor

Low Premium

Very good customer service

pre existing rider

In India they would have to go through lot of tests for no reason

painless coverage and claim process

Pre existing health conditions coverage for visitor

Affordable premium


To get insurance for my parents visitng me


Loyalty. Have dealt with India network in some form from 1993 onwards

Referred by a friend

Loyal customer

Documentation is pretty good

Friend refred me

First place I bought vistors insurance

easy internet based policy application

Got a referral (but they had not used any claims)

Comparable rates

good service

choice of network

AIG insurance

Online transaction

India related Network !


fare premiums for the benefits offered

heard from friends

helping visitors to have medical coverage


I knew of a person who became very sick here and was helped by the network.

Ease of application process

premium choice

Being in USA

nice people (I talked to over phone)

referral from a friend

Ease of enrolment



Needed insurance for my parents when they visited me

Provides coverage for Pre-Existing conditions

Hopefully some of the premium helped India Network

Converage of AIG

online service makes it very easy


friend referral

reasonable premium

Reasonable premiums


pre-existing coverage

reasonable premiums and terms

My assoc with Ind Net started in 1994 and have used the resources from my sisters wedding to my parents ins

Flexibility to see any doctor

Very informative website with all the details

Used to get newsletters

Broad services which are easy to follow

thanks for your continued touch with clients

Feeling of comfort dealing with an Indian

Option of coverage for Pre-existing Health Conditions

Reputation of AIG Insurance

reasonable price

good reviews from friends who have used this insurance

good claim support and settlement


recommended by friends as best for visitors

high coverage limit

non-profit organization

Good reviews

AIG reputation

Friends referal

Had been by friends before.

Managed by Indian origin people

Prior experience

no misinformation

visitor's health insurance

previous experience



Health insurance

Easy to remember

Medical Insurance for Visitors


ease of access in America without need to provide medical tests

Backing of known name AIG and familiarity with issues faced by Indian visitors

pre existing condition coverage

AIG brand name


reputation of AIG

Positive review about its health plan from friends.

good coverage


To have peace of mind for self.


Convinent Online purchase

Quality of service

we are a family of india network clients

Recommend India Network by a friend.

Reputation of India Network

Recommended by a friend who had a good experience with India Network health

coverage of pre existing conditions


low premium

Low premium

Fair rates

coverage for pre-existing health conditions

Recommendation by friend

Low premiums

Coverage for Pre exitsing condition

Ohio based

coverage for hospitalisation

Medical Insurance for my parents.





Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Medical insurance for parents while visiting USA

Pre-existing coverage

most easily available insurance option for my visiting parents at the time

low premium

Recommended by friend

To have safe and secure experience for parents in the US.

Parents insurance bought here

Only available and affordable Medical Insurance for Visitors

Pre exisitng condition

Low premiums

recommendation from my brother Mr Kashireddy in Chicago

Referred by my friend

referral from a relative

pre-existing sickness coverage


Pre-Existing condition coverage

Number one insurance for the visitor to US as per online Advertisement